Torey Hayden's One Child

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But belief in the human soul escapes all reason and flies beyond the frail fingers of our knowledge.

One Child is a novel by American author Torey Hayden, who is an educational psychologist and a former special education teacher. She currently lives and writes in North Wales, U.K., with her husband and daughter.

The book opens with Hayden, a special education teacher, reading a newspaper article about a six-year-old girl who attempted to burn a three-year-old boy a couple of days prior. As there was no place for her at the hospital, she ends up as a student in Hayden’s class, where she remains for about five months.

New York Times reviewed this book the following way: “Parts of this book – the savage sexual molestation – will enrage you. Parts of this book – Sheila’s quiet description of her anger and fears and doubts – will make you cry. And parts of this book – Sheila’s gradual realization of her own potential – may make you cheer. Whatever your reaction, I think you will agree that it has been a long time since you have read a book with the sheer emotional impact of One Child.”

The book is based on the author’s real life experiences and has been translated into 27 languages.

Рекомендация от Katyka. Считаю, что книгу нужно читать всем. Особенно молодым родителям. В книге меня подкупило то, как автор выстраивает свои диалоги с детьми, прорабатывая, выравнивая ситуации, в которых оказываются дети… или переживают ту или иную эмоцию. Книга ярко демонстрирует, как за агрессией или другим подобным проявлением прячется всего лишь страх или нечто, что мы взрослые далеко не всегда можем распознать. Книга непростая, но читается на одном дыхании.

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